Super Vision acquire Laidman portfolio

Inventor Jerry Laidman

Inventor Jerry Laidman with his circa 1978 LED lighting system.

Super Vision International Inc, the Florida-based manufacturer of fibre optic and LED lighting, has announced that it has acquired the LED technology prior art portfolio of inventor Jerry Laidman. The Laidman technology includes Laidman‘s pioneering design and production processes in 1978 related to his Saturn I – IV LED lighting systems capable of generating multiple variable coloured lighting effects using pulse width modulation to control intensity. These systems were the first known to be designed, manufactured and sold commercially incorporating multiple LEDs to generate colour changing light in lighting fixtures worldwide.

Laidman was founder and president of The Sound Chamber, one of the premier nightclub lighting designers and manufacturers in the ’70s and ’80s. The Sound Chamber sold and rented the Saturn LED lighting fixtures to several nightclub venues including the Baby-O nightclub in Acapulco, Mexico and The City nightclub in Boston. The Saturn lighting system was also exhibited at the Billboard Disco show in 1980. Laidman is now associated with LED Inc of Henderson, Nevada.

Laidman comments: “I’m pleased that these early developments are finally getting the recognition they deserve. My intention in working with Super Vision is to open my early work to many companies who now see the potential of LED lighting applications in many display and illumination markets. My hope is that Super Vision will utilise these designs, applications and trade secrets responsibly, in making them available to all industry manufacturers on a fair and open basis.”

Jerry Laidman is a true pioneer in our industry,” commented Brett Kingstone, president of Super Vision. “His work in 1978 formed the foundation of the processes and applications employed in the LED lighting industry today. We are very pleased that he has chosen to transfer this technology to Super Vision.”



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