China Must Pay for the Coronavirus

The CoronaVirus has wreaked havoc on our nation. Thousands of our citizens are now infected, over one hundred are dead and potentially millions will be out of work..…and they all did nothing wrong.

This virus was the direct result of the incompetence and irresponsibility of the Chinese Government. They showed as much disregard for their own population as they have for ours. The Chinese government threatened their own doctors with penalties and even jail time for sounding the alarm about this pending pandemic. They even ordered some of them, including Dr. Li Wenliang, to write public apologies for publishing “false comments”. They should be liable for the damage that they have caused not only to our citizens but to the citizens of all countries that they infected.

For years China has been engaged in a war of theft and plunder of our nation’s intellectual property. They stole technology from our industries. They counterfeited them and sold them back to us with cheap labor, destroying millions of our manufacturing jobs. It is time we hold China accountable not only with high tariffs but by unleashing the power of our legal industry in filing massive liability lawsuits against China. Our judiciary should freeze China’s assets in the United States pending the outcome of these decisions. 

Further investigation should be made into the two virus labs in Wuhan that were actively experimenting with CoronaVirus, one located just 280 meters from the wildlife market where the virus started. One of these labs, Wuhan Institute of Virology, even tried to file a patent on a possible treatment for this virus, Remdesivir, which was already patented and manufactured by Gilead Sciences, an American pharmaceutical company. Gilead is also the inventor of the Tamiflu medicine for influenza. Even during this crisis, China is trying to steal our technology in order to profit at our expense.

China is now trying to blame the US government for starting the virus and threatening to withhold supplies of critical medicines. We must hold China accountable in courtrooms throughout the world and demand reparations not only for the money we lost in this pandemic but also for technology stolen from our industries. Our government should organize and support these efforts. It is the only way the American taxpayer will not be held liable for what may be in excess of a trillion dollars of aid and expense programs required to counter this threat to our nation.

It is time to move manufacturing back to America!

If we become self-reliant as a nation we will emerge from this crisis even stronger than ever. 

Brett Kingstone


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