The Dynamos: Who Are They Anyway by Brett Kingstone

Profiled in this book are 32 of the best and brightest entrepreneurial “dynamos” in America – most of them under 35 – showing what led to their successes and what obstacles they overcame. A first-hand look is given at what it takes to turn creative ideas into business reality by revealing what these highly-motivated entrepreneurs have in common – intensity, a highly focused vision and a willingness to risk failure and learn faster because of it. Each biography includes the entrepreneur’s own frank advice on the myths and realities of “making it happen” in today’s business world, from dealing with unscrupulous underwriters to infighting with partners. Their sometimes caustic and unedited remarks will not make them many friends in the large Wall Street investment houses, but they will challenge your stance on many of today’s established business norms. A list of America’s top 100 entrepreneurs under the age of 30 is included.

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